Eat Stay Love is your guide to the delightful makers, tellers, doers, and tinkers that bring their distinct point of view to Snohomish County and the Pacific NW. Within these pages, you can expect a glimpse into creative spaces of innovative startups, culinary tips from gifted cooks, suggestions for products or services and recommendations on intriguing destinations delivered to your inbox, each week.

Let me lead you to new flavors provoked by the talented chefs, skilled artisans, and breath-taking landscapes so you can Eat, Stay and Love SnoCo, too.

Meet Wendy

“I am a woman with a mind that never sleeps, a curiosity that never ends and an appetite for life.”

I just love the creatives. I’m in awe of them, in fact. I don’t care if the medium is oil or acrylic, malt or rye, juniper or stone, I just love the process of one that can coax a seemingly simple idea or spice into a two-ton sculpture or complex flavor. I’m also in awe of the spaces and places where we draw our inspiration to create, play, relax….or simply connect.

If you have ever enjoyed viewing a piece of public art, theatre performance or visit to a historic site in Snohomish County, I’ve probably had my fingerprint on it. I’ve been lucky to have been able to create amazing cultural opportunities during my twenty-year career as the manager of the Snohomish County Arts Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and tourism division.

Now, my day job has me amplifying messages for companies large and small. But I still have my finger on the pulse of what’s trending. My husband Matt and I travel by bike, car, and foot to experience micro-adventures, scenic day trips, and stay-cations to meet and greet the amazing creatives that we’ll introduce you to.  Have a suggestion or want to work with me? Email me!


Backstage Village Theatre


  1. Sally King

    Love Snohomish County. Love your site for honoring it!

    28 . Nov . 2017
    • wpoischbeg

      Thank you, Sally! I appreciate the feedback.

      28 . Nov . 2017
  2. Karin Poischbeg

    Dear Wendy, I wish you a successfully work in 2018. You make a good job. Good luck.

    31 . Dec . 2017
  3. Margaret Riddle

    A terrific site Wendy. Snohomish County has so many creative people and places.

    24 . Jan . 2018

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